George Michael wrote a new Christmas hit

titleThe famous singer George Michael is going to give their fans a Christmas new song of his own composition.The song called December Song will be free of charge on the website of the singer and in a number of music stores selling MP3 files with music.New song - first "Christmas" record of Michael since the days of the famous song Last Christmas", recorded in 1984 by the group Wham.On the radio new song will be released on Monday 1 December.To provide fans with a new Christmas song Michael promised during the August concert in the UK.Then the singer said that his show will be the last concert on the big stage. According to Michael, he intends to leave the bustle of the pop industry for "a peaceful life".Recently, however, the singer said that December 1 will still give another concert at the stadium in Abu Dhabi.According to a recent survey, in the last five years, Last Christmas was the most popular song in the UK can be heard before Christmas and the New year, BBC reports. Source: George Michael wrote a new Christmas hit.

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