Musicians, intellectuals are choosing the Internet

title"Music band of Peter nalitch became well-known recently, only a year ago, the musicians had first posted the song and the clip on the Internet.November 28 will see the light and their first album "the Joy of simple melodies" - then at the club B1 maximum they will gather first big gig. The lead guitarist Konstantin Shevtsov, tourist and backing vocalist Sergei Sokolov and Peter Nalitch - and Shvets, and the Reaper of the episode, egrets, in an interview.Roux has revealed the secret of such an unprecedented success.The popularity of musicians came through the Internet and, bearing in mind that it is thanks to the network they managed to achieve fame, the musicians decided to give students the opportunity to get the album for free or pay for it any price he wants - just as did Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, through the system of electronic payment. The guys admit that "Radiohead" and their collective values are incomparable, however, hope that in the narrow circle of their fans they will be able to continue to play your favorite music.- The Internet audience is very specific, it's the people who find out about everything faster than anyone else, they have a huge selection of information and, as a consequence, they are the most picky. Why did you manage in this environment?Peter: I think this is largely due to the movie "the Guitar" - it was bright, light and versatile. There was no message - it is easy to perceive, and therefore he is like so many people. And so it turned out that he and all liked it.And technically this is how it happened?Sergei: He did not immediately become popular, it took a number of months, he rested in bed.Peter: Four months somewhere.Sergey: We first posted the video in my livejournal, and then gradually people began to communicate to each other, sent to someone who has a large audience, and eventually it became popular blogs and even more dispersed.- Why such music as yours earned the love?Sergey: There is still the combination of music with the clip. On the Internet people see a picture and immediately see and the ear.Peter: And she's so eclectic, I guess. Because there are a lot of different styles. What is called Gypsy music, it's basically in the video."Maybe the Association with The No Smoking Orkestra?Peter: Yes, and this Association with the video - there is, of course, aesthetics Kusturica is present. And the song is fun and Negro - I thought when I did it.And when you write music, you some visuals are or you it's annoying?Peter: No, I never annoying, even if I don't like the picture.Sergey: Us music is just annoying. In General, if the person of our music can inspire some creativity - no matter what he does, that's cool.Peter: It's nice.Sergey: When people try to do some fun sketches, it's great. That is, they like it so much that they are willing to participate.Peter: And even if it's just some photos - it's nice.- Why do you write songs in different languages?Peter: Any malice in this.Sergey: And kind too!Peter: Yeah, it just happens: I start singing a tune and think, " Oh-Bah! And he lays down a tune.Sergey: At the time of creation of a song is important that.Peter: Here! For example, when I started in College to learn the Italian language - I certainly wasn't studied, but the song came up. Need to write something about the dew, about tears, about feelings - I typed in Yandex, in lingua, words. And get some cliche - type "tears roll down the cheeks." I'm watching: le lacrime scendono per le guance. Lies or not lies with the music? And thus it is possible to invent a song."Well, people think that you feel that way, and you just find idioms!Sergey: Why, no one is cheating! It's just inventing another language.Peter: Well actually Yes - a "parade of cliches". With better English.Sergey: Yes, in English without a dictionary. English language - he's very song.Peter: Like all other languages!Sergey: One caveat: in the Russian culture there is a tradition to write poetry to songs. That is a very serious attitude to the word. And when you write a song, you want it slightly easier to take this approach. That was not obvious superiority in words.Constantine: Well, actually with the stage we have a separate topic - traditions of Russian variety is very vague.- Let's the music talk. Developing his musical activities, would not like to write soundtracks for films?Peter: of Course, it would be interesting to write music for films - and was for several experiments. Very nice interesting work, but quite laborious. I made it to one movie. It so happened, my friend Dima Ivanov, when he graduated from cinematography to directing, said, "to Sing, write me a song." And I to his film about Gavrilo did the music. It was quite hard work serious: here the author, sound engineer - and they pushed, pushed. Say: "come here". Think: "fuck you to hell!" All I want to send, but I understand what to do, but it turns out in the end, all is well.Sergey: came Out great.Peter: there were several proposals, but I did not like the script. And then I made for the cartoon of diplomacy VGIK, multiplier.- This accident is not related to the film festival VGIK?Peter: Yes, Yes, exactly one of the winners, Faith Myakisheva. As the cartoon called? "Waiting"! And I did go there the music track. By the way, of course, the story! She says: "Sing, well come on now let's write more careful". I - Yes, then-then. Finally did and I think I better recorded, I wonder? And she: "Sing, you're done, I'll post everything that'll make you a disc, but the film has already started with the old songs". Here I cormorant!But they themselves would have made a film, a book would be written?Constantine: the Book Peter wrote. Incidentally, we never spoke. I saw that Nalitch something wants to write.Sergey: Yes, he was planning to write a book, but apparently later.- You are about each other from the Internet or something, you know?Sergey: Yes, of course, through other blogs, indirectly.Constantine: I about the nalitch read.Peter: to write a Book yet about. And film - a short film. Small to remove, if it be in the future, but not yet ripe, I must grow up.Sergey: the Movie - it's still not easy. And to appear also difficult.Peter: Actually everything is very difficult. If something goes right, we'll be shot and shoot.- The Rolling Stones early in his career to the question of how much they are going to survive as a team, replied: a maximum of two years. And you would like this question answered? For myself, of course.Sergey: Well, 28 years it's all going to last.Peter: Yes, 28, great. I think the small audience that we have, will expand slightly and will continue to listen to us in the future. And some wide, fantastic success, as in "the rolling stones", will not. We have chamber music, and they have powerful, uniformly directional kick. Sometimes I sit and think: is this holiday going to end? It is clear that it's nice when you can rehearse, write songs and make money.Sergey: But we specifically do not do anything. We are creative problem solving, and not some marketing - how it will turn out.Constantine: We think about it, only when we ask such questions.- Make up, please, the portrait of your listener.Sergey: This is the hardest part.Peter: I can boast - that the audience is intelligent. These are people who are happy to listen to what they don't understand nor otpygivaet at once what unknown to them. I think we have a great audience.Sergey: it's funny: we have on the forum someone asked the question - what unites them: "Maybe we are the same music we listen to?" "No, tastes are different." It's all interesting.Constantine: No, some things are definitely there.Sergey: it speaks for itself that these people are, in General, like.Peter: the People of Caras.Sergey: Yes, like Vonnegut.Constantine: When Peter started talking about intellectuals, I thought those people at us are similar, at musicians.Sergey: Yes, we are very interesting to sit and chat. Interestingly, no clear age-related criterion - there are much older than us, and a little younger.Peter: Our record is a year-old girl on the cell phone my mom taught myself to include the song "Guitar".Constantine: And in "Caviar" grandpa danced - he was about 70 years old, jauntily, in a gray suit. So different people. We were lucky.Seraphim Skybuck Source: Musicians, intellectuals are choosing the Internet.

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