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Cher told the truth about their health

titleRecently we wrote about the fact that poor health has prompted cher to cancel a few gigs in Las Vegas.The explanations of the representative of the stars of the other reporters didn't believe and started spreading rumours that cher was diagnosed with cancer. On hearing the news, 62-year-old singer found it necessary personally to refute them:"My health is all right! "she said. But here in Vegas in a few months the winds blow, I've got allergies (probably on the dust they bring, - Irkhen). If I had cancer, everyone would already know about it. I myself would not say they (the journalists, I think, is Irkhen), but there would be one who would say. If you're a celebrity, and something similar happens, you will not be able to keep it a secret. These rumors did not anger me. People say strange things about me ever since I was a teenager". Source: Sher told the truth about their health.

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