Cher returned to the world of cinema

titleAfter a six year break to work in the movie decided to go back and cher. The singer just completed his farewell world tour, so now again commenced his film career, perhaps seriously.So far, she is to play on a couple of johnny Noxville in the Comedy The Drop-Out.Knoxville, the star of the show "Jackass" that goes on MTV, will act in the role of a 35-year-old blockhead, in his later years still a College student whose parents finally thrown out of his home. In desperation, he decides to contact the 62-year-old neighbor to keep a roof over my head, food, and access to the TV. However, it turns out that her neighbor has about the same son is a slacker and he really needs a father, even if it is a person of the same age.The project is still at a very early stage of development, and cher are already showing great interest in its role. The last time the singer was appearing as herself in the Comedy of the Farrelly brothers "Stuck on you". Director of the new paintings will be Ricky Blitt, he wrote the script. Blitt for 4 years is producing the animated series "family Guy" and once you've dealt with johnny Knoxville: I wrote the script of the Comedy "Malingerer", where he played a major role. Ricky played a small role in the Comedy "Stuck on you" - perhaps since he and I made an acquaintance with cher.Johnny Knoxville after the failure of "Faker" in theaters, continued to work on television. In his plans is the Comedy of Frank Coraci Hawaiian Dick, but is he really in it to appear is unknown.It should be recalled that the film career cherilyn Sarkisian Lapierre is the real name of Sher - was at one time very successfully. For example, she was nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in the drama "SILKWOOD", and in 1988 was awarded the recognition of the Academy of the USA for the lead female role in the film "moonstruck". Also, cher is and award of the Cannes film festival for his work in the drama "Mask". Source: cher returned to the world of cinema.

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