Alexei German Jr. refused Union with Mikhalkov

titleThe famous Russian film Director Alexei German Jr. does not intend to join the Union of cinematographers of Russia, headed by Nikita Mikhalkov."Now if it turns out that I get a ticket in the UK, and everything is back to normal, that is, once again, Nikita Mikhalkov became Chairman, I don't want to be in this Union," said Herman Jr., quoted by RIA Novosti. According to him, many young filmmakers the same feeling.The Director believes that the Union of cinematographers has become a hostage of some personal vendetta by Nikita Mikhalkov, thanks to which, no one understands what is going on".Recall that at a meeting held in December 2008, the seventh Congress of cinematographers, in addition to the re-election of the Chairman, the question of the admission of new members of the Union, among whom was Alexei German Jr. Who led the Union Marlen Khutsiev, all approved petitions young filmmakers, however, in the future, the Ministry of justice refused to register the decisions of the Congress, declaring them illegal. Source: Alexei German Jr. refused Union with Mikhalkov.

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