Oskar Kuchera sends a nanny to jail

title38-year-old babysitter year-old son of the famous TV presenter Oskar Kuchera may end up in jail.Showman demands to punish the impudent woman, because of which his tiny son Daniel received a severe concussion and terrible wound of the face.Last Sunday the family of the popular TV presenter, almost had the irreparable misfortune. Natalia K., Oscar and Julia was hired to care their year-old son Daniel, dropped the baby on the stairs.HospitalTerrified parents brought the baby to the hospital, where the baby immediately put a few stitches on the face: poor boy so much hit the head on the floor, that was a terrible lacerated wound of the nose.- Nanny, goat, dropped it on the stairs! slightly recovering himself, told doctors the popular TV host. - Wife wants her sue!Surgeons carefully sewed up the crying boy TV stars terrible wound. Oscar and Julia had already brought the baby home, when suddenly, to their dismay, Danilo began to feel sick.- I had to take him to the Morozov children's hospital, said in the police station, the wife of Oscar. - The doctors said that the boy had a concussion!PoliceWhile the frightened parents took Danilo from clinic to clinic, disorderly Natalia ran away from home stars.- You know, we hired her through an Agency, " says Julia. - Given a probationary period of three days, but here is...At first, Oscar didn't want to punish the negligent woman. He wanted to see what had actually happened: in a country house showman installed surveillance cameras. Seeing what happened, the couple had another shock. 38-year-old woman was carrying the baby up the steep stairs... being booted in the high heel shoes.Nanny called! "cried Julia. - Yes, down, she, instead of locking son, as if tossed it on the floor...The last straw of patience was the call runaway nanny. When slumbered for three days mobile Natalia earned, the woman calmly stated that a concussion for young children is a common thing!- Imagine, she said: "It's not my child, what should I test?!", says mother Danilko.Last Saturday Julia went to the police and wrote on the arrogant woman statement.- I want, that she could no longer find work as a nanny. On the territory of Russian Federation!PrisonAccording to police, 38-year-old Natalia can permanently remember your carelessness:"If she says so quietly that dropped the child on the ladder, so for her it is in order! And the first thing to check, the criminal history she used on the same occasions. If we can prove that she did it on purpose, she shines up to 5 years in prison.Oskar Kuchera believes that a negligent babysitter and deserves greater punishment.If she at least apologized or gave to understand that consciousness of guilt, we would have forgiven her! - outraged presenter. - But the child put a 4 seam, and she continues to say that nothing bad happened! Source: Oskar Kuchera sends a nanny to jail.

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