The jury selects the participants `Eurovision`

titleThe jury of the national selection "Eurovision-2009" has selected 15 participants of the Russian final, the winner of which will represent Russia at the contest in Moscow.In the professional jury of the Russian contest "Eurovision-2009" includes music and television producers: Yuri aksuta, Kim Breitburg, Alexander Dulov, Igor Krutoy, Alexander Lunev Igor Matvienko, Vladimir song arrangements were done, Konstantin Meladze, Ruben Oganesov, Larissa sinelshchikov, Maxim Fadeev and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the contest "Eurovision-2009" under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Barannikov and Chairman of the Council for humanitarian cooperation of CIS countries Jahan pollyea.As RIA "Novosti", the finalists included:Alex - "don't think about you".



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