Detectives brought to mind Daria Dontsova

titleDarya Dontsova told the TV station Russia.Ru the detectives, who drove her to madness.When Darya Dontsova lived in Peredelkino, there was a case, after which she realized that she need to cease to exist only in the detectives and learn to live in parallel realities - closing the book, to live a normal home life wife and mom.Daria wrote another detective on the upper floor of the house, and the kids called her to dinner, cried out from downstairs. The family then had dinner in the house of creativity. Dontsov thought, "it's Cold, you should dress". He reached into the Cabinet, there is nothing suitable found, wearing only a sweater, and went downstairs in search of warm clothing and saw kids in shorts and t-shirts, ready to go out into the street. Happened dumb. The eldest son went to Daria, hugged her and said, "Mommy, don't worry. Now everything is safe again. The hood is gone! It is hard to believe December...".

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