Bekmambetov will create the first Russian superhero

titleDirector Timur Bekmambetov will act as the producer of the first Russian high-budget superhero movie, the shooting of which begins in December, and the distribution is planned through the year.In the scenario of the film "Black lightning" - the story of how an ordinary Moscow student accidentally becomes the owner of a used domestic car, which, as it turns out, can fly. The main character is transformed from an ordinary man into a superhero, defender of the city, a mysterious fighter against Evil.According to the film directed by Alexander Voitinsky, in the new film the viewer will first see Moscow from a bird's eye view. He also added that in every man lives a hero and, "when life is a challenge, it turns out that we hid so much effort and love that Evil is not a chance".The creation of special effects and computer graphics for "Black lightning" by a team of specialists Bazelevs, who worked on the creation of the "Night Watch", "Day Watch" and the Hollywood debut of Timur Bekmambetov's "wanted".For its part, the Timur Bekmambetov did not believe that the phenomenon of the superhero is a typically American phenomenon: "it's a pretty common misconception. Superheroes is an integral part of the Russian cultural tradition. Ilya Muromets or Uncle Stepa-Policeman - is good and strong people helping all around, aren't they superheroes?".The film is also scheduled on the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, the Baltic States and others In Russia, the film will be released on 700 copies (for comparison: "Day Watch" - 510 copies, "Night Watch" - 325)."Black lightning" will debut in cinema advertising film Director, music video Director and composer Alexander Voitinsky. Cameraman - Sergey Trofimov - known for the films "Patrols", "Irony of fate-2", "Mongol". Director-artist paintings - Maria Turska ("Admiral"). Picture production Studio is engaged in Timur Bekmambetov's Bazelevs, together with the film company Universal Pictures. Source: Bekmambetov will create the first Russian superhero.

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