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`Daughter` of Gorbachev turned out to be a swindler

titleThe Prince of Monaco, enjoying a worldwide reputation as a staunch defender of animals that fell victim to loud hoax. Greek crook came to him, pretending to be the daughter of the former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.Blue-eyed blonde Catherine Kechagia Icterine arrived in Monaco last year to found a branch of Green cross International, a non - governmental organization, created by Mikhail Gorbachev.Thanks to the help of the adviser of the Prince Catherine was go to the residence of the Prince and misled by the treacherous beauty Second albert honored her as the only real daughter of the President of the Soviet Union. He, in particular, promised assistance in the implementation of its plans and agreed to become honorary President of the Monaco branch of Green cross.In April of this year, Catherine was hospitalized with severe depression, and then went to recuperate in Switzerland. When the girl returned in Monaco, the police asked her to leave the territory of the Principality, as the Russian authorities had already made clear her fictional relationship with Gorbachev.As informs RIA of "news", now law enforcement agencies Monaco suspect that a fraud has been associated with the mafia, and her job was looking for access to the Prince's Palace. In addition, it was found that in Switzerland Katrin owns shares of six companies.It should be noted that various groups of organized crime quite feel at home in Europe. So, in September, the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra has unleashed a real war against the government of Italy. The members of this criminal syndicate organized a loud rally, killing seven people at once, after which the government ordered to fight the mafia 500 soldiers. Source: "Daughter" Gorbachev turned out to be a swindler.

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