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The shocking truth about the origin of Amy Winehouse

titleSensational the truth about the origin of Amy Winehouse found English sociologists.It turns out that the ancestors of the flamboyant singer originally from Russia!Scandalous British woman has Russian roots: this was reported by the experts research data census UK 1911. In the archival records they found the name of one of Abraham Grandia, which pointed to as the home country of Russia. Already in London in the family of Grandish in September 1895 a daughter Fanny, which, in turn, in 1918 combined legal marriage with Benjamin Winehouse. Fanny and Benjamin became the great-grandmother and great-grandfather of the famous singer.- The ancestors of Amy emigrated from Russia to London in the 19th century, says sociologist Debra Chatfield. Abraham earned a living by selling fruit from the tray, and his daughter Fanny worked in the factory.Perhaps that is the origin of Amy lies the mystery of its explosive nature. Mysterious Russian soul rock Queen requires scale, and therefore Amy walks widely - as do only Russians. Source: the Shocking truth about the origin of Amy Winehouse.

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