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Lolita for a few months Dating a singer Danko

titleLegendary singer Dating a few months with a famous singer Danko. Charming lolita that most of the country thinks perhaps a close friend, more and more, I see in the company of singer Alexander Fadeev, better known as Danko.Two pop stars, though secretly, but appear together at various parties, tenderly holding hands.Lolita and Sasha've known for more than eight years, but only recently artists began to notice together peacefully or strolling in the supermarket or on the set of the program of NTV "superstar" in Ostankino, where Danko arrives in the evening to pick up Lola and take them home.NovelTalk about more than a friendly relationship the Site and Fadeev in the capital although the secular parties for a few months, but no one running for sure whether this novel actually. But the fact remains - Lola and Danko together.According to neighbors of the house in which he lives Palladium, famous singer, performing the popular hit song "Moscow nights" have been seen emerging from his stellar girlfriend out of her front door. Yes, and in the corridors of the Ostankino television center, word of mouth is broadcasting about the secret relationship between the two celebrities.KissThe Palladium, as Danko categorically refuse to comment on that either, neither saying a word about their relationship.But as they say all the secret sooner or later becomes a reality. And this time, LIFE.RU filmed the singer coming out of the handle with Danko, deep night from Ostankino, after filming the program "superstar".Star couple hoping to remain unnoticed in the dark in the first hour of the night cute kissing each other and cuddling went to the Mercedes Lolita. Sasha gently held the hand of his woman usually sends men to the sky at the star and said something in her ear. In the face of Lola could see that she was happy. Blissful smile never left the face of the singer, and Danko in turn was looking at her so loving eyes that even the strict security guards telecentre could not hide his surprise. Source: Lolita for a few months Dating a singer Danko.

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