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World premiere of the next part of the `James bond`

titleLondon hosted the world premiere of the next part of "James bond". The first demonstration of "quantum of solace" has collected a huge number of celebrities, and even more - their fans.Daniel Craig appeared near London's Odeon cinema with a bandage on his hand during the filming of Craig himself performed most of his own stunts and got hurt. Despite this, "007" did not deny the numerous fans in the autographs.With his presence he was honored and heirs to the British throne - princes William and Harry. One of the objectives of their presence was the charity, the sovereigns are raising money funds for "Help the heroes" and "Royal British Legion". However, the important mission did not prevent the young Hotties to flirt with girls. The attention of William drew who plays the girlfriend of James bond Olga Kurylenko. The Prince tried to start with the beauty of small talk, what Kurylenko reacted very lively. The actress decided to take the bull by the horns and announced to the confused offspring of the Royal family, during the filming of the movie had much practice, but now her body was very muscular. By the way, gorgeous red dress that Olga has chosen to premiere, it very well demonstrated. Source: world premiere of the next part of "James bond"".

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