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Johnny Depp is completely swamped in work

titleProduction company johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil has acquired the film rights to the book nick Toshes "In the hands of Dante.The book tells two parallel events: the creation of the divine Comedy in the 14th century and in our days, in which Nick Toshes trying to establish the authenticity of the manuscript of Dante.It is reported that Depp will not only produce a picture, but will play Toses.In addition, johnny is currently working on the Mad Hatter in Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", then ahead of him - "pirates of the Caribbean 4" and "the Lone Ranger" plus the dubbing of cartoon Mountain Verbinskaya "Rango".Also in March, Depp will begin shooting another producer of the project of the company - "the Rum diary" writer hunter S. Thompson. Johnny already played him in "Fear and hatred in Las Vegas" - and now again fit in szczuka Thompson. The script for the film written by Bruce Robinson, he will be the Director.In addition to the above on account of Infinitum Nihil and the project "Dark shadows", which should remove Tim Burton. It deals about the vampire Barnaba Collins, which also have sygart Depp. Not sboren from the accounts and other project - "Shantaram", where the main role, again, johnny: his film's fate is unknown, but is not closed completely. Even Infinitum Nihil producing the film adaptation of the book "the Bomb in my garden" Maadi Obeidi and Kurt Pitzer plus adaptation of "Inamorata", the book of Joseph Gangemi.I wonder if johnny does not break with this schedule? Worry about him right. Source: johnny Depp completely swamped in work.

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