The best sumo wrestler of the world, was threatened with death

titleJapanese police has strengthened protection best sumo wrestler of the world of yokodzuny Assery, threats which were posted on a famous Japanese Internet forum 2channel"."I will come to the Palace sumo Kokugikan" kill him", - stated in the message on the forum. Police have warned about the threat of Assery and other sumo wrestlers, AFP reports.28-year-old Mongol Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, acting under the nickname of Assery, won two victories at the start of the 15-day Hatsu Basho - the first super tournament in sumo in 2009, which runs until 25 January. Recently Assery was injured, and the famous sumo wrestler was forced to cancel his participation in several previous tournaments.A number of sumo fans demanded from Assery resignation, however, the Mongolian athlete decided to continue speaking. By the rules of the sumo Association of Japan, yokozuna cannot be deprived of their titles, however, should resign when his athletic performance will begin to deteriorate.During his career, Azazeru has been involved in scandals. In particular, he was accused of buying the winning results. In 2008 he testified about it in court.Anonymous Internet forum 2channel" is considered the largest in the world. The forum is registered about 10 million users. Source: the Best sumo wrestler of the world, was threatened with death.

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