`The dark knight` got 12 `screaming` awards

title"The dark knight" again breaks records. If recently it has been achieving in box office revenue worldwide, the film grossed nearly a billion dollars, now the picture comes classic packs.It happened on 18 October at the awards ceremony, the SCREAM-2008, which involved movies genres are fantasy, horror and science fiction. It is from here that Batman took a whopping 12 awards out of 29 possible, some of whom are home - in the category of the Ultimate Scream.Also in the ribbon prizes were given to Christian bale in the category "Best superhero", Gary Oldman for best supporting roles, and, of course, Heath Ledger, who posthumously was awarded two awards: "Best actor fantasy" and "Best movie villain".Two awards were given to the film "Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street" - in the categories "Best horror film" and "Best actor in a horror movie or TV show that took johnny Depp. The same amount went to "Iron man" in the nominations "the Best science fiction film" and "Best actor in a science fiction film or television show, which took, respectively, Robert Downey, Jr...The prize SCREAM-2008 is now, and Anthony Hopkins - "For extraordinary contribution to the development of genre films Scream , Wes Craven got the Scream Mastermind Award "For outstanding work in the field of horror movies, and Tim Burton was awarded the Scream Immortal Award "for his unique interpretation of films in the horror genre and the fantasy".It is worth noting, in fairness, that the Scream Awards award is not yet so serious, it was established three years ago by a TV channel, Spike TV and the winner is chosen by viewers by voting on the official website of the organizers. But this campaign has already attracted the attention of a considerable number of film lovers and film stars. At the last ceremony had many of them: Samuel L. Jackson, Milla Jovovich, Winona Ryder, Liv Tyler, and this is not to mention those who were at this year's Scream awards nominated.The award ceremony took place last Saturday, and tonight on the Spike TV channel American viewers will be able to see the recording of this event. Source: "the Dark knight" received 12 "flashy" awards.

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