The bitter tears of Katie Holmes

titleThe wife of actor Tom cruise Katie Holmes was bawling my eyes out on the street in new York.Katie, which has always been characteristic of calm and composure, sobbing in the middle of a huge street to catch the eye of passers-by, reports the Daily Mail. Next to the wife of Tom cruise was spotted Paul Dano, in the arms of whom she was looking for consolation.But, as it turned out, her emotional state and a stranger man near are not a cause for concern. It was just a dramatic scene for a new movie called "The Extra Man", the filming of which Katie is involved. The film began filming this month alone. Details of the role, which went to Holmes, are still kept in secret. The storyline is based on the story of the playwright-the loser who turned into a man, accompanying the rich ladies at social events.Dressed in a medium length coat, brown boots and a green hat, Katie convincingly creates the impression of extreme despair. Tears Actresses look very believable, because she is a wonderful coach - her little three-year old daughter Suri, who like all children at that age often satisfied mom "demonstrations".Meanwhile, Tom cruise's all going wrong, as he would have liked. "Operation Valkyrie", on which he had pinned so many hopes, not pleased with his good box office, according to the magazine "7 days". Now Cruz turned into the agent of the Russian intelligence services for the film adaptation of the book by Robert Ludlum, the novel which was made the film "the Bourne Identity". Eminent partner Tom Denzel Washington will play the agent of the American secret services. As fate two enemies have to unite their efforts to thwart the conspiracy against humanity. Source: the Bitter tears of Katie Holmes.

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