In the USA the drunken spectators attacked Galkina and Serduchka

titleMaxim Galkin and Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) was attacked in Miami. Brawl in the concert hall, which hosted the show participants the "Golden gramophone", turned into a mass slaughter.Closing the concert Danilko got more than others - he threw a bottle of soda, which hit him in the head. Maxim Galkin and did hastily under the guise of protection taken out of the hall...Unpleasant incident ended with the concert of stars of the Russian show business as part of a tour of the "Golden gramophone" in America. The local public swung great stars from overseas, such as Boris Moiseev, VIA Gra Valeriy Meladze, Maxim Galkin... the Final speech of Andrey Danilko, it seems, was doomed to trouble, as the excited audience rushed to the stage to dance. However, it got more and more distant part of the hall, who did not mince words to calm down mad men. The last reaction was instantaneous: you're foreign objects, bottles, cans of Cola.Moreover, spacy hall entered the fray with... dancers and musicians Andrey Danilko! "I was horrified when I saw what began in the hall," admitted Andrew. - Native people fought and threw each other, horrible".As a result, numb from the shock of the artist was not able to Dodge thrown at him the bottle. "Thank God that the organizers immediately called the police," continues Andrew. - Scary to imagine what could happen if the police missed at least half an hour".Except Danilko could suffer and Maxim Galkin. At some point the famous parodist decided to flee away from sin hall, where raged serious passion. However, after him rushed a few dozen spectators, not with peaceful intentions. Fortunately, the protection worked professionally and by closing their bodies Galkina, brought him out from under the threat of being torn apart. Source: USA drunken spectators attacked Galkina and Serduchka.

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