`Madagascar` embroiled Earrings with Malinovskaya

titleWork on the cartoon "Madagascar", in which two accounts moved in the rating tables of the James bond turned to the two Russian stars troubles of a personal nature.It is in that period came to nothing beautiful novel of Masha Malinovskaya and rapper Seryoga, who voiced Gloria the Hippo and Moto Moto. How convincingly they "played" love on the screen, assuring each other that "thicker and more appetizing each other in my life seen"! And how fast relations, which at the time was less than a year, crashed on the grounds of artistic differences...They came to voice acting often at the same time, although the graphics were different, - says Natalya, assistant sound engineer. - Behave like cat and dog because constantly confused with who 10, who is 12, and generally get up at this time, as I realised, it was a disaster for them. And started here with all personnel to discuss who is right and who is wrong.It would seem that Malinovskaya that Serge has long earned the image of a ladies ' man, but the final point in their romantic relationship, put it endless verbal sparring, and not, for example, infidelity.Another person always need to give freedom, " said Serge.Apparently, any other, but not freedom of speech. Sharp-tongued Mary managed to bury the love that many colleagues did not believe. Malinovskaya first and she could not imagine that I will fall in love with Belarusian rapper, with whom she was to participate in a joint photo shoot.- Although he, of course, such a...man, that's straight man-man! - TV star said before the first meeting with the hit maker."Awesome!" - Maria summed up, finally finding him for the first time.In the first five minutes of close contact with Sergey Malinovskaya faced with such directness, about what is and is not heard in the corridors of the Ostankino.- Here's a kiss you want, but I think you know from Timothy were kissing as I then?"Yes ...and I didn't kiss at all, it seems, at that moment Mary was embarrassed for the first time in many years.After was a joint vacation in Courchevel, "joint" red carpet best Moscow premiums, private parties, community projects. For example, in Kiev recently finished shooting the romantic Comedy "the Blonde knocked out," in which Serge plays the main male role in - love-boxer. Partner Serega on the film became Masha Malinovskaya, which already was a favorite only in a scenario of "Madagascar" in a role amorous Hippo Gloria. Source: "Madagascar" embroiled Earrings with Malinovskaya.

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